• Juniper Insence

We can find many medicinal plants and trees in nature. Juniper

is a medicinal and sorcery plant that has been in the air on Estonian farms for centuries

used as a cleanser, according to the Germanic folk belief in vitality and health


Juniper smoke has been scientifically proven to have air

disinfectant properties and even treats drug-resistant

forms of tuberculosis. As the Bavarian schoolmaster Schmeltzl in 1548

Visiting Vienna, where the plague was raging, he saw that on the streets

Hundreds of bonfires burned juniper to juniper smoke in the city

clean the air.

Of course, it is not only used for healing purposes

with the plant. When burning juniper, a smoky aroma is created, which leads to

many remember childhood (smell) memories and leaves in the room

pleasantly primitive aroma.

Juniper Insence

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